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Finding your suitable readers for onion container for refrigerator is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for onion container for refrigerator including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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1. Hutzler Onion Saver, Red

Hutzler Onion Saver, Red



Color:Red Onion Saver

Store cut onions in the onion Saver food container to keep onions fresh longer. using the onion keeper will reduce food waste as your partially used produce will stay fresh longer and will be recognizable in a crowded refrigerator. Meanwhile, onion odors stay contained, keeping your fridge fresh and organized. for some fun when entertaining, use these as serving pieces for burger toppings, etc. Everyone will know where to find the sliced onion rings, for example. these reusable container contributes to sustainable living by cutting down on the use of wasteful disposable wraps and bags. The two sides attach by twist lock and are easy to open and close. Each is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze! as always, each is BPA free.

2. Hutzler Classic Food Savers, set of 4

Hutzler Classic Food Savers, set of 4



The perfect set for all of your food storage needs! set contains 2 onion Savers, 1 tomato Saver, and 1 garlic Saver. the onion containers keep cut onions fresh longer. And, they trap onion odors, preventing a smelly fridge. Made to look like an onion, the onion Saver will never be lost and forgotten in the fridge, so less food waste. It also is fun for serving onion slices for burgers or bagels. the tomato Saver keeps cut tomatoes fresh in the refrigerator. The bright and practical tomato keeper is always easy to find in a crowded refrigerator. It is also a fun way to serve sliced tomatoes at barbecues and picnics. the garlic Saver offers the best way to store garlic by keeping it in a well-ventilated container. This storage solution takes its cues from nature and looks just like the real thing. It will keep your garlic fresher longer, usually an additional 30 -45 days! this is not intended for use in the refrigerator. Garlic is best stored at room temperature. for each of these, the 2 sides attach by twist lock. Each is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

3. Happy Sales HSVK4, Onion, Tomato, Citrus, and Avocado Keeper 4-piece Bundle. BPA FREE

Happy Sales HSVK4, Onion, Tomato, Citrus, and Avocado Keeper 4-piece Bundle. BPA FREE



Color:4 Piece Set

Bundle of 4 items: Onion keeper, tomato keeper, citrus keeper, and avocado keeper. Snap on clear lid is perfect for easy identification of contents. Convenient, reusable, baggie-free storage for unused portions of tomatoes, onions, lemons/limes, avocados, and more. Keepers stack for an organized space inside your fridge, while keeping your fridge fresh with these odor trapping containers. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

4. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Keeper

Prepworks by Progressive Onion Keeper



Perfect for half an onion or chopped onions, this air-tight storage container keeps left-over onion fresh in the fridge without the smell. The secure-fitting lid features a stainless-steel insert, which works to reduce onion odors. The container measures 5 by 5 by 3 inches and cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

Onion Keeper Onion Keeper


About Progressive International

After 38 years in business, Progressive International is still dedicated to creating functional gadgets, tools, food-prep items and household products to make your cooking and meal preparation more efficient and fun. Located in Kent, Washington, Progressive’s products are sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and other international markets.

Progressive Makes Cooking Cool

More than a workspace, the contemporary kitchen is the heart of the home where we connect with family and friends, and Progressive’s philosophy of product design aims to create the perfect balance of form, function and value for your kitchen. The design process pulls from many different research methods such as ethnographic research, consumer testing, surveys, and in-home observations, identifying real life problems in the kitchen that translate to fresh, new ideas for smarter products.

5. MSC International 067742-330000 Joie Clearly Fresh Airtight Onion Keeper Storage Container Pod

MSC International 067742-330000 Joie Clearly Fresh Airtight Onion Keeper Storage Container Pod



Joie has gadgets galore for every chore. The gadgets are fun and well-design so you can enjoy using them as much as looking at them. The wide range of gadgets are ideal for the whole family. From cup measurers to ice-cream scoops and to egg slicers, Joie shop has what you need to make cooking simple.

6. Hutzler Manufacturing Co, Saver Onion

Hutzler Manufacturing Co, Saver Onion



The Onion Saver Allows You To Store Your Cut Onions In The Fridge, Keeping Them Fresh And Moist While Making It Easier To Find Them. This Onion Saver Traps Odors, Is Airtight And Dishwasher Safe. Onion Savers Sold Individually, Color Will Vary.

7. Joie Fresh Flip Pod, Brown

Joie Fresh Flip Pod, Brown



Store leftover onions to stay fresh firm and odor free. Flip to use for dips. Stackable. Cleverly shaped like an onion, this storage pod also helps to organize your fridge in style while eliminating the need for plastic wrap or sandwich bags. Simply place the onion side down, on the plastic base, and then place the plastic cover over it. With over 60 years in business MSC is committed to developing innovative houseware designs of the highest value and quality under the brand “Joie”. We devote a great deal of attention to making sure the customer has the best impression of their experience and total satisfaction with the items purchased. At MSC, when we design, function is always our main focus. The item needs to feel great in the consumer’s hands and must complete the task at hand with ease and reliability. At MSC we live by “If it’s not a Joy to use, it’s not a product of Joie”.

8. Reusable Storage Bags – Onion Holder Potato Storage Zipper Sprout Free Cotton Bag – Eco-Friendly Vegetable Storage for Fresh Potato & Onion -FREE Gift-Branded Eyeglass Pouch

Reusable Storage Bags - Onion Holder Potato Storage Zipper Sprout Free Cotton Bag - Eco-Friendly Vegetable Storage for Fresh Potato & Onion -FREE Gift-Branded Eyeglass Pouch



Material Type:Potato & Onion Bag

Are you searching for the right set of bags that will help you store your fruits and vegetables while keeping them fresh and healthy for longer? Here you have the perfect reusable bags designed especially for your needs.

Preserve your produce, the environment and your wallet! – It’s time we start making more of a conscious effort to minimize food waste to make our food habits more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as well as save the amount of money which we spend on the weekly shop.

Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer! – Cotton storage bags help to prevent produce from drying and wilting by creating a moist, breathable environment with the fresh air and moisture needed to retain freshness. Simply fill potatoes and onions at the top and take from bottom size zipper and rotate stock. Blackout lining on vegetable bags absorbs moisture and blocks light

No plastic, no waste-Reusable produce bags are an easy solution that do not hurt the environment. Good for you and good for the environment because there is no waste of food anymore!

Easy access – The convenient side zipper allows for quick and easy access.

Free eyeglass pouch-With every purchase you will get stylish microfiber eyeglass pouch of Juniper’s Secret brand 

  • Recyclable
  • Tested for 10 pounds
  • Washable: Wash on 60 degrees to keep clean and hang to dry completely.
  • Material: Cotton


  • 1 Onion storage bag
  • 1 Potato storage bag
  • FREE Eyeglass pouch of Juniper’s Secret brand, retail value $5.99

Don’t wait for so long and ADD TO LIST until we still have it! We guarantee you 100% Satisfaction because your opinion means a lot in Juniper’s Secret! 

9. OXO Good Grips Cut & Keep Produce Saver Set, Onion/Lemon,Multicolor,Lemon/onion

OXO Good Grips Cut & Keep Produce Saver Set, Onion/Lemon,Multicolor,Lemon/onion



Style:Onion/Lemon Saver Set

Reduce waste with the OXO Good Grips Cut & Keep Silicone Produce Saver Set. Whether you have a quarter of an onion or half a lemon after prepping your meal, the flexible silicone of these Produce Savers will stretch to cover what’s left. The hinged lid will securely snap closed, and the flat base is perfect for refrigerator storage. The reusable design replaces single-use plastic bags, foil and plastic wrap. The silicone is removable for thorough cleaning and both Savers are dishwasher safe and BPA free.


By our suggestions above, we hope that you can found Onion Container For Refrigerator for you.Please don’t forget to share your experience by comment in this post. Thank you!

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